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서울바이오허브 글로벌협력동 건립 설계공모

서울시 동대문구 홍릉동 일대는 의학 연구소와 대학, 병원 등 의료 인프라가 밀집된 지역이다. 그 중 바이오·의료 스타트업 보육 거점인 서울바이오허브는 기존 한국농촌경제연구원 부지에 3개동(산업지원동, 연구실험동, 지역열린동), 연면적 9,564m2 규모로 조성됐다. 그럼에도 불구하고 바이오 의료산업 관련 창업기업들이 입주할 수 있는 공간이 부족하자, 서울시는 서울바이오허브 내 유휴부지에 ‘글로벌협력동’을 세워 홍릉 내 기업 유치 및 신규 창업을 유도할 입주공간을 확충하고자 한다.
본 공모에서는 미래지향적인 건축 디자인으로 바이오 의료 기업을 적극적으로 유치하고, 사용자의 창의성을 끌어낼 수 있는 설계안을 기대한다.

1. 참가자격
국내·외 건축사 자격증 소지자, 공동응모 시 총 3인까지 가능

2. 대상지
– 위치: 서울시 동대문구 회기동 산 4-102 일부 외 2필지(109-140, 109-141) 서울바이오허브 내
– 대지면적: 14,574m2(계획범위 면적: 5,300m2)
– 연면적: 14,018m2

3. 일정
– 참가등록: 7.12(금)~8.31(토) 오후 5시까지
– 현장설명회: 7.15(월) 오후 2시, 동대문구 회기동 산 4-102일원
– 질의접수: 7.15(월)~18(목) 오후 5시까지
– 질의응답: 7.24(수)
– 작품접수: 9.4(수) 오후 5시까지
– 기술검토: 9.5(목)
– 1차 작품심사: 9.6(금)
– 2차 작품심사: 9.10(화)
– 당선작 발표: 9.11(수)

4. 제출물
참가 신청서
설계 도판(14,400 x 8,100 pixel, 2매)
대표 이미지 2매
대표 설계자 건축사자격증 사본
대표 설계자 선임계
공동응모협정서(2인 이상 공동응모 시)

5. 심사위원
조남호솔토지빈건축 대표
박제유(주)제이유건축사사무소 대표
임진우정림건축사사무소 대표이사
김흥수(주)해안종합건축사사무소 대표소장
강지은호서대학교 건축학과 조교수, 예비심사위원

6. 시상 및 상금
당선작: 기본 및 실시설계 우선협상권
입상작(제출작 5개 이상 시): 고득점순으로 4,000만원, 3,000만원, 2,000만원, 1,000만원 차등 지급

7. 문의
서울특별시 도시공간개선단

공고 상세보기

Seoul Metropolitan Government
Design Competition of Seoul Biohub Global Collaboration Complex

The Hongneung area of Seoul offers excellent conditions as a hub for the biomedical industry as leading research centers, universities and hospitals are concentrated in it, but spaces to accommodate biomedical startups moving into the area are markedly in short supply. Therefore, they need to expand space to accommodate companies that want to move into the area in order to attract businesses and induce new startups.

The Seoul Biohub initially aimed to support early-stage startups and allowed moving-in companies to stay only up to four years. Now it needs to switch its focus from supporting startups with a history of less than five years to supporting promising companies to commercialize their technologies and enter the global market successfully. To this end, it needs to create specialized facilities in the area. The Seoul Metropolitan Government should provide support to keep companies at the commercialization stage from moving out to other areas, so that the networks will continue to be maintained, with the cluster strengthening and expanding continuously.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is waiting for applicants who suggest future-oriented architectural designs that allow users to play to their creativity.

1. Qualification
Domestic or foreign licensed architect may participate, and up to three persons can enter as a team

2. Summary
– Location: San 4-102, Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
– Site Area: 14,574m2(Area of the planned construction scope: 5,300m2)
– GFA: 14,018m2

3. Timetable
– Registration: July 12~August 31, 2019
– On-site Briefing: July 15, 2019
– Inquiry Reception: July 15~18, 2019 17:00(GMT +9:00)
– Inquiry Answer: July 24, 2019
– Submission deadline: September 4, 2019 17:00(GMT +9:00)
– Technical Evaluation: September 5, 2019
– Stage 1 Evaluation: September 6, 2019
– Stage 2 Evaluation: September 10, 2019
– Winner Announcement : September 11, 2019

4. Submission Requirements
– Application for the Competition
– Two digital panels(14,400 x 8,100 pixel)
– Two cuts of representative images
– Certificate of the architect’s license of the representative architect
– Appointment of representative architect
– Pledge
– Agreement of Joint Application(applicable to a team of two or more co-entrants)

5. Jury
Cho NamhoPrincipal of Soltozibin Architecture
Park JeyuPresident of JU architects
Shin ChanghoonPrincipal of Unsangdong Architects Cooperation
Lim JinwooCEO of Junglim Architecture Co., Ltd.
Kim HeungsooPresident & CMO of Haeahn Architecture
Kang JeeeunProfessor of Hoseo University, Preliminary judge

6. Prize
– Winner: The right of priority negotiation for basic design and working design
– 2nd Prize: KRW 40,000,000
– 3rd Prize: KRW 30,000,000
– 4th Prize: KRW 20,000,000
– 5th Prize: KRW 10,000,000(When the number of applicants is 5 or more)

7. Queries
The Urban Improvement Bureau at Seoul Metropolitan Government
+82 2 2133 7618
Apply for Entry